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A Will for Welfare Press Release

Fixing Broken Boot Straps

Indianan Creates Non-Profit To Help Other Young Americans Pull Themselves Out of Poverty

[Valparaiso, Indiana – 21 July 2015] In Indiana alone, there are roughly 250,000 youth (individuals under 18) who live in poverty. In this day and age, simply working hard enough and getting good grades isn’t enough to escape the cycle of impoverishment that has trapped so many young Americans. Rather than sitting idly by while her peers struggled to land the jobs that they were once promised in high school, August Hatter founded her own non-profit, A Will for Welfare.

A Will for Welfare aims to bring communities together and to provide students on welfare the opportunity to better their economic situation through technical education. Hatter’s experiences taught her that a traditional college education isn’t the only way to get ahead in life; trades and technical professions will be the jobs that carry our generation through this economic era. “We need more welders [and] nursing assistants. …We need jobs that will always be there, even during a depression.” As Ronald Regan once said, “We should measure welfare’s success by how many people leave [it], not by how many are added.”

A Will for Welfare devotes its time, resources, and skills to provide a better future for tomorrow's generation through the funding of technical education. Find out how you can contribute towards a student's education for a better future at

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