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Based out of Victoria, British Columbia, Black Frames is owned and operated by Ashley Good. Black Frames specializes in independent film production.

Black Frames' first feature length film, PITY PARTY, is available worldwide through Vimeo On Demand.

Update time!

I realized that I haven't made a blog post about anything Black Frames related in a while, so here is a quick update!

2017 kicked off with a bang as I began pre-production for Black Frames' first feature length film, PITY PARTY. Pity Party is now wrapped and is set to enter the film fest circuit in early 2018! For more information about this project, visit Black Frames' project page or visit 

Following the completion of Pity Party, I moved on to the production of a Stephen King "Dollar Baby," IN THE DEATHROOM! In the Deathroom will also be entered into film fests in early 2018, albeit festivals for short films. To learn more about In the Deathroom, visit 

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